(You were there) Holding My Hand

Posted: 8 January, 2008 in My psalms, Visions
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You were there, when i was still in my mother’s womb.
Holding my little hands, as they were just being formed.
Even in the unknown, i felt safe in Your embrace.

You were there, when i took my first breath and cried.
Holding my hand, i know You leaped for joy.
Though the doctors’ hands, You brought me into Your creation.

You were there, when i celebrated my birthday.
Holding my hand, as You too sang me a birthday song.
I have everything, even though i don’t know You then.

You were there, when i took my first fall.
Holding my hand, You comforted me.
Out of the dirt, You pulled me up.

You were there, when my father left.
Holding my hand, You said:”I am Your Father.”
A real Father’s love, You have showed me.

That, i can never forget.

You were there, when i left You, for the colors of the world.
Holding my hand, You were waiting.
The day when i come back, You yearned.

You were there, even when i was away, the grace you poured out to me.
Holding my hand, You gave, to an orphan that i am.
Step by step you have been there, for me to see Your hands of love.

You were there, when i built a home, Your provision overflows.
Holding my hand, You said:” Dont worry.”
How much more for me, with the fields and sparrows You cared.

You were there, when i am lonely, a woman’s hand you led.
Holding my hand, i stood before you, wife i called my own.
A love relationship You gave me, to show how Your love is to me.

(You were there) Holding My Hand, father and son fingersYou are here, with me as i write.  Holding my hand, as i bathe in Your grace, love, and care…

With thanksgiving and worship that i can only offer, to the One who is always holding my hand there…

Father’s Love Letter…

  1. prossie says:

    this is great. i must say u r right.God has always been there with us all the time.bt there are sometimes i feel he is not listening why Lord? i struggle to live each day and every day am getting different troubles in life and sometimes feel my life is worthless if living means suffering upto the grave. am just so full of anguish and i want to cry bt can’t let anybody see my tears.

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