I Stand in Worship

Posted: 24 January, 2008 in Songs and Music
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i see grace - i stand in worship

In Your hand are the depths of the earth
And the heights of the heavens above
I worship and bow down
Kneel before You, My Lord and maker

In Your hand is the breath of my soul
In Your love I stand righteous and bold
To honour You, my King
Glorify You, my Redeemer

With open arms I stand in worship
Feel Your love’s embrace
In reverence I enthrone You, Jesus
Lifter of my head

With gratefulness I stand before You
Faithful loving King
I rest in hope for You are my portion
With thankfulness, I sing

Music & Lyrics: Karen Lim


I Stand in Worship

  1. sunnyli says:

    Thanks for the lyrics and I am putting my own chords in to lead in worship. Thanks anyway.

  2. King David says:

    Do share with us, ya!

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