a simple conversation from God

Posted: 28 January, 2008 in God Series, Ponderings
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There are many people searching and longing for a hero, a leader and a god. They so wanted to fulfill their emptiness and yearning. To make sense of their purpose and being.

There are also believers searching in their times of need, looking for a Word of comfort, encouragement, the list goes on.

While God and His Word are relevent throughout the passage of time, in the Internet and SMS age, people have to cope with information overload with critical information senses.

“a simple conversation from God” God Series, super-condensing His Word and Truth, hopefully it will make the curious search deeper, and bring reassurance of His love to the family and body, tongue-in-cheek, of course.

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  1. Janica says:

    hi! the images that you make are really powerful. the sentences really can strike ones heart easily. may i please post this to my blog? 🙂

  2. King David says:

    of course… please spread the good news… 😉

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