With so many descriptions and names of Jesus, one of my favorite is The Lamb of God. This name speaks, above all else, about Jesus willingly became the sacrificial lamb or scapegoat on our behalf on the cross. This is an endearing title that all believers have come to love and honor for our Messiah.

Lamb of God, Rugged Cross

John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, “Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!   John 1:29   While the title the Lamb of God only started in the New Testament, prophetic pictures and references to the coming Lamb of God are scattered throughout the Old Testament.

In Genesis, God commands Abraham to offer his beloved son Isaac as a sacrifice. God is not endorsing child sacrifice among men — but He is foretelling His Child sacrifice for men. As Abraham did not withhold his son from God, God also did not withhold His Son for mankind.

Lamb of God, Little Lamb

The Lamb of God is also dramatically revealed in Exodus 12 and 13, with the Jewish Feast of the Passover. This is perhaps the most compelling foreshadow of the coming Lamb of God, the Messiah. The Passover Feast is eaten in remembrance of the Lord “passing over” the houses of those who had sacrificed the Passover Lamb and sprinkled its blood on their wooden doorposts and mantles, while the angel of death visited those who had not sprinkled the blood of the lamb. The angel of death was the final of ten plagues sent by God to redeem His people from slavery in Egypt, the land of their bondage.

The Passover law of the Jewish heritage requires each family to keep a young male lamb, without blemish to be sacrificed. Blood is to be poured onto the altar, no bones must be broken during the act and the lamb was then hung upon special hooks or sticks to be skinned. Again a prophetic act that is fufilled by Jesus on the cross. A young cute lamb cruelly sacrified frames the cruelty and pain our sweet Lord had to go through.

“Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.   Matthew 5:17



Lamb of God, Jesus the Lion and Lamb

The Lamb of God depicts the Son of God.

God provided His very Son, the Son of God who came to become our sacrifical lamb and was thereafter returned to His glory as the Lion of Judah. When the Day of the Lord comes, those who have covered themselves in the blood of the Lamb by accepting Christ will be kept safe while the world pays for their rebellion against God.

  1. Faun Collett says:

    Hi, I would like to use one of your photos of the lamb standing on the grass for my power point presentation. Who can I contact for permission?
    Thank You, Faun Collett

  2. youthguy says:

    I would like to ask where I could find the picture from your blog (the wooden cross above). Nice blog and thanks!

  3. rachel says:

    are you jewish or christian? (No offence)

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