The Bibles Dinosaurs, Spotlight On Rhododendron

Many people especially Christians wonder if the fossil existence of dinosaurs contradict with the accounts in the Bible. Where do dinosaurs fit in the biblical account of creation? Well, we may not know exactly the answer to these questions but there sure are mentions of strange animals in the Bible. And no, we are not talking about Barney.

The Bible's Dinosaurs, Triceratops

In the King James Version, Job 39:9-12 speaks of a strange untamed creature called the “unicorn”, and it may not be the white graceful horse with a uni-horn on its head we all thought. While some version of the bible translations called it “wild-ox”, some proposed that the original Hebrew word re-em describes more of a type of rhinoceros-dinosaurs, maybe similar to triceratops.

In Job 40:15-24, another creature called the behemoth which has a tail like a cedar tree. Now cedar trees are huge and can grow up to over 40 meters with a trunk diameter of over 2 meters. Some scientist believed this creature is called brachiosaurus.

The Bible's Dinosaurs, Behemoth

The description of leviathan monster that dwells in the deep seas in Job 41 and that they breathe fire. Hmmm… glad they are extinct, if they really are.

For more related and interesting Biblical Dinosaurs’ read, please see here or download pdf.

  1. Summer Kelly says:

    Hmmm… I have never heard this speculation before, but it is interesting.
    However, I have always thought that there is no conflict between the dinosaurs and the Bible. The Word says that, to God, a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day. He could have created dinosaurs and they lived for a very long time before God ever created man. He may have wiped them out before His creation of man or they may have coexisted for a time… since it’s pretty unlikely that Noah got a dinosaur on the ark, I’d wager to guess they were long gone by then. But that’s just my unscientific opinion. =)

  2. Bookbinder says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Bookbinder.

  3. tiggerlillie says:

    This was a rather intressting blog to read. Since I have allways loved dinosaurs I have allways wandered where they fit in the biblical histories, so this was an very intressting reading. But huma coexisting with the dinosaurs, nah I do not think so.

  4. Kevan Myers says:

    Good blog. I believe that Behemoth, Unicorn, Leviathan, and dragons as named in the King James Bible very easily describe what we call dinosaurs. They were made by God on day 6, same as He made man.
    Two of each kind of dinosaur went on the ark. They would have been younger, perhaps “teens” (the younger ones were smaller).
    There is a great deal of evidence that indicates that man and dinosaurs have coexisted. Only when a person accepts the fallacious religious mantras of Evolutionism does it sound outlandish.
    The Bible is true, for it is the Word of the living God. We can stand upon its words and declare the gospel of salvation so that others may hear and turn to Jesus Christ for deliverance from the punishment in Hell we deserve for our sin.
    For info on this you can look up and

  5. conrad says:

    God created dinosaurs but doesn’t care enough to put them in the bible. One thing we do know is that he destroyed them with incredible accuracy and precision. Meteor showers and simultaneous volcanic eruptions to block out the sun to kill all large cold blooded creatures only and allow mammals to live in complete darkness because we do not depend on the sun for body heat.

    If God destroyed them that way why would he bother putting them in the bible. There done finished!
    maybe it was God showing the evil man after adam and eve how terrible he can make the world

  6. Dan says:

    Well I have struggled with this … you have to believe ALL of the bible or none of it, we can’t pick and choose what we want to believe. I believe we can tell how old fossils are. We can go to Mars and tell how old they are. Also I own a Trilubite fossil from early life millions of years even before Dinosaurs. They have never found Human fossils along with Dinosaurs or any eairler life forms.In Genisis God’s days are not years htey are our days. The Christians have to stop trying to put a square peg in a round hole and trying to make things fit. Even some say there are still Dinosaurs here today (lockness monster anoung others) Even if there was a remote pocket of un-explored land that they did survive that does not mean we were here millons of years ago with them anyway.The Bible is God’s book for MAN. It’s not God’s history book. If God were to have a history book it would fill too many volumes to even put on this Earth. Dinosaurs were here before Man so it don’t pertain to us anyway. Just because it’s not mentioned in the Bible don’t mean they weren’t here , same as if there is any other life forms out there in other Galaxeys .. its not mentioned in the Bible.. does that mean there is nothing out there .. No. The bible is Man’s handbook not God’s history book. I except the Science of them here Millions of years ago and also the Bible. They don’t contradict each other at all. So stop trying to change the Bible to make it fit…

  7. Dan says:

    One other thing God says that Man will rule the Earth and all Creatures will fear Man … That’s another reason it fits we were not here. Do you think God would have put us here with them for Lizard Food??

  8. King David says:

    Haha… we are certainly no lizard food.

    But in my view, even fossils and carbon dating that goes beyond human civilization is at best a scientific preassumption and an assumption. If there are no humans around then, how do the scientist themselves know? Actually, what they do is that they give their best “scientific guess”. What really happens in between, nobody knows.

    At the very best, scientific findings on fossils are just intelligent theoretical deductions. It is not the truth or fact, break it all down, its just guessings. And through the ages of the history of science, many of their “facts” are debunked; ironically by themselves. The entire grand history of science is probably no longer than 400 years.

    The Bible on the other hand has many independently verifiable accounts, written by 40 authors over a period of 1500 years with no major contradiction against itself.

    Which is easier to believe?

  9. Jeff Neuman-Lee says:

    I have spent time reading the science, I also have devoted my life to following my Lord Jesus, whom I know from the Bible and whose way is confirmed in the practice.

    Jesus calls us to love our enemies. To love as Jesus loved means to get with others, to understand them, to see how God might be working through them. The ignorance of science and how it works in many of the forgoing posts is sad. It does not speak of persons who have come to understand.

    What science has uncovered about pre-history does not contradict the Bible, rather it contradicts traditional interpretations of the Bible. If I insist upon my interpretation, am I not setting myself up as a judge of the scripture? This temptation has been gnawed into by too many of us who are called Christian.

  10. Josh Prophet says:

    The word dinosaur was not even around until the mid 1800’s. Dragon was what they called them before that. There are a quite few accounts in the Old King James version mentioning them. Later the word was changed to things like “Jackel” or “Serpant” in the New King James version.

  11. Josh Prophet says:

    neh 2;13, psm 44;19, psm 74;13, psm 91;13, psm 148;7 isa13;22, isa 27;1, isa 34;13 and many more…

  12. Dan says:

    The Bible is God’s handbook for man. Just because Dinosaurs are not mentioned does not mean they did not exist before man as it does not pertain to us. Again…it’s not God’s history’s written for man. Why must most of the Christians fight this? Why can’t you believe the Bible and science. It’s so simple.. God created us like the Bible says..Dinosaurs were extinct anyway when God created man. Again it’s not God’s history’s Man’s Handbook. Like I said I struggled with this also but the answer was so simple and looking me in the face all the time.. I have NO argument with science and the Bible contradicting each other.

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