The Myanmar’s Stronghold

Posted: 31 May, 2008 in Ponderings
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The Myanmar's Stronghold, General Than Shwe

Nearly four weeks after Cyclone Nargis pummeled large swathes of Myanmar, foreign aid has still only reached 40 percent of the 2.4 million needy survivors, says the UN. Myanmar’s military junta bent on keeping power at all cost, had largely barred foreign aid workers from the southwest Irrawaddy Delta, which bore the brunt of the cyclone. Meanwhile, volunteers returning from cyclone-hit areas said tragic scenes remained, with dead bodies still rotting in the fields, and villagers relying on survival skills in the absence of outside help.

International aid groups have put the total death count at 100,000 but warn it could rise drastically if aid doesn’t reach survivors soon. The junta is playing with the lives of people in order to use food aid for their own gains. There is also concern that the apparent slow deliberation is an act of “ethnic cleansing killing” against mainly Christian Karen ethnic minorities, who for centuries have inhabited the country’s Irrawaddy Delta.

Let’s pray for the survivals in there that they continue to be protected from harm, especially the Christians minority groups from the hands of the oppressors. Pray that God’s mercy and faithfulness will carry them through the trials. That foreign aids going in will bring much needs supplies; physically, mentally and spiritually.

The divine power of God’s love and grace (not force) will ultimately demolish the strongholds.

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