Happy Father’s Day

Posted: 15 June, 2008 in My psalms
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Happy Father's Day,

On this day I have much to say
You have been the most wonderful Dad
What more can I ask for
I don’t know how to express this but I will try

All these years…

When I was down and out
You looked for me and picked me up
When I was lost and desperate
You were always there for me

When I thought I was old enough and didn’t need you
You kept very quiet, but you were always there
You were never far all this while
I am glad you found me and got me back

Although I know I was adopted
You never made me feel second best
You gave all you have, I didn’t know it costed you so much pain
But I slowly understand now

You gave me all I have today
You made me the man that I am
I hope I have done you some little proud
Although I know you still love me nevertheless

Anyway thank you for everything that you have done
You did an astonishingly amazing job
You are the best anyone can ask for
Most of all, thank you for being who you are
For being my Father

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy God!

Your Beloved Child

  1. anon4him says:

    What a wonderful family to be adopted into… what a great Father we have!

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