The Post Olympics China, Opening Ceremony @ the Beijing Olympics

It came, it ran and it went. The 2008 Beijing Olympics in China finally came to a close. What will it hold for China in a post Olympics fever that showcases one of the most ancient civilisation to the world? Opening the ancient doors that reveals the mysterious inside to the world so curious to know. An economical powerhouse sure it is. A superpower, probably to be. A mammoth rising nation with pride and vigor. But if you look deeper, it is a nation that is hungry. Hungry for the lost time and are chasing it back, all running in different directions. Its people are getting more freedom and the benefits of economics, but it is a nation that has largely forgotten what it means to know a God.

The Post Olympics China, Visitors from China

Visitors from the ancient land

I have written about the Birth Pains of China and The Fire Through China. Apparently, I felt both posts have an impactable relationship. Now that the event is over, what will hold for the Christians in China? I was disappointed when I was there where I could not access my blog. I could not access most Christian sites as well. There is such a thing called The Great Firewall of China or Internet Censorship.

However, I started to notice that there are small blips of people reading my blog. I am quite glad. No, this is not an ego trip. I really hope that one day the gospel of Jesus Christ can find its way into a quarter of the world’s population freely and powerfully. For them to know a God they have previously not known. A God that cares for them and died for them. For them to know they are not just a number in the millions but everyone is precious in His sight. Let’s all remember China in our prayers that God will work mightily and the Good News of Jesus Christ will be flooding the ancient land. Our brothers and sisters in China will be free to worship and His name will be glorified in all the earth!

And that day will come…

Excerpt: In contrast to the so called ‘healing revivals’ we sometimes hear about in the West, the Church in China has and is experiencing genuine revival on a Biblical, Apostolic scale. Today alone approximately 30,000 people will get saved in China to add to their 100 million plus church. Why?

The Post Olympics China, China SoulThe house church believers display a passion unequaled in the church worldwide mainly due to their circumstances of intense persecution from the Communist government. Many believers spend years in prison for their faith. Brokenness, repentance, humility and a willingness to trust, obey and lay it all down for the Lord has turned China into one of the most remarkable stories in Church history. Must see video that will challenge your faith and who you are in Jesus, to the core. In China there are miracles and even people are raised from the dead, but that is never the emphasis of the house church Christians, the Cross always remains at the center of their faith. In our comfortable Western Christianity, we would do well to learn from China.

  1. ransom33 says:

    I was very moved by this particular post in your blog. Interestingly, as I watched the opening and closing ceremonies at the Olympic Games in China, I too felt compelled to write along the very same lines you write here. Unfortunately, I never got round to doing it for one reason or another. I thank God you put the point across.

    It seems incredible that behind the extravagance, joy and wealth shown during these games, particularly during the open ceremony, there can be such a different reality assailing the Chinese Christian population. Two different worlds co-existing but only the oppulent, progressive and peaceful side is shown and seen by the rest of the world.

    You were right. Your video has challenged me and my Christianity to the core. I have just written a post in my own blog ( where I express my disappointment at not being able to share in a public setting with other Christians the wonders that God has done in my own life and the endless reasons why I should praise Him. You leave me much food for thought and much reason to pray for those in China, but more so for the rest of us in the West who are living a prosperity gospel where no one likes to hear much about “nailing self on the cross” and “suffering as Christ did”.

    God bless you

    Your sister in Christ.


  2. King David says:

    You are a great encouragement, sister. Sometimes the best testimony is not a spoken one but a lived-out one. Don’t worry about not doing enough for God, because Jesus has done it all.

  3. ransom33 says:

    Thank you for reminding me of that. You are absolutely right.

    God bless you

    ransom33 at

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