The Three Great Wooden Ambitions, Green dinner under the olive trees...

Once upon a time, there were 3 trees in the same forest. There was an olive tree, an oak tree and a pine tree. These three trees all had big ambitions. Each of them had a great aspiration, wanting to become something special in their lives. They concentrated on their growth, becoming health and strong. They withstood strong winds and bad weathers; staying focused, never waivering in their hope and their faith.

The olive tree dreamed of becoming a finely crafted treasure chest. Exquisitely made and lined with soft fabric, to hold treasures of immense value; precious gold and jewels. One day, a woodsman came into the forest and chose the olive tree by cutting it down. The olive tree was so thrilled after waiting for so many years. With great anticipation the olive tree waited as the woodsman started working on it. However, almost completed, the olive tree realised that he wasn’t going to be made into a priced treasure chest. Instead, he was to be made into a cheap manger; lined with straw, it is a roughly cut out wooden box to hold food for dirty, smelly animals. Heartbroken, the olive tree withered on the inside.

In the forest also stood the oak tree, anxiously waiting for his turn. All the oak tree wanted was to become part of a huge battle ship, able to carry a great king and his men across oceans. To conquer the world and setting people free. Holding on to its faith, the oak tree stood strong as he was cut down by a group of woodsmen. But as time went by, the oak tree realised that he wasn’t to be made as part of a battle ship. He was in fact, been made into a tiny fishing boat. The oak tree was totally discouraged and disappointed.

Unknowingly, the pine tree standing proudly on top of a hill remained still, patiently counting his moment. Deep down inside he knows that he is destined for something great. All the pine tree can think about is to always stand tall and straight; declaring the greatness of a wonderful God and His love for His creation. Unfortunately, within a split second, a bolt of lightning struck the pine tree and sent it tumbling down the hill. Splinted and burnt, the devastated pine tree was in a sorry state. Then, another group of woodsmen came, picked up the pine tree and carried him off to their scraped pile.

All the three trees felt they have lost their calling, value and worth; they are discouraged, disappointed and disillusioned. Not only did they not become what they wanted, but they don’t see themselves ever becoming what they hoped for. When all seem impossible and hopeless, God had other plans for His beloved creation.

But time went on.

One silent night, the door to the animal pen creaked open and a couple walked wearily in. The woman seems heavy in labour and the man quickly cleared the stable and also the dirty manger. From their conversation, the woman seems to be called Mary and the man, Joseph. Not long after, the woman gave birth and the new born baby was laid within the manger. Suddenly, a bright star shone directly above the stable and three men came in with many gifts. There were also other men, shepherds; they were outside and they all worshiped the baby, they called Jesus – the Son of God. The olive tree now realised what he was holding within himself. All he wanted was to hold the most precious jewels, but God had other plans, the olive tree now holds the greatest treasure ever, the God who became flesh.

Many years went by again, and Jesus grew up and started His ministry proclaiming the Kingdom of God. When He came to the Sea of Galilee with His disciples, wanting to cross it, they found a small simple fishing boat nearby and took it. Many times, they took this same boat about their trips; the oak tree. Once Jesus even preached from the boat to thousands on the waterbank and hillside; many believed and were saved. Even in the midst of great storms, the tiny boat persevered and witnessed miracles where Jesus calms even the storm and walked on water. The oak tree wanted to carry great kings across oceans for battles and to set captives free, but God had better plans. The victorious battle journey carrying the King of kings has not ended for the last thousands of years and numbers uncountable have been set free. The epic journey continues till this day.

The Three Great Wooden Ambitions, A Bugs View

A few more years went by and one day some Roman soldiers were rummaging through the wooden scrap dump where the discarded pine tree laid. Although still straight and strong, the pine tree thought they were going to use him as firewood. Finally, his end has come. But much to his surprise, they only cut him into 2 straight pieces, one longer than the other. The pine tree was then brought up to a hill and put together forming a cross. And it was on this pine tree that Jesus was nailed and crucified on the cross. It was on this very cross that Jesus was pierced and His blood flowed; the full wrath of God laden upon and subsequently appeased. Nailed and stained with blood, little did the pine tree know, destined to be very special he was not mistaken; the wooden cross now symbolizes God’s greatness, compassion and His everlasting love to His people forever.

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.  Romans 8:28


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