Economic Crash – A Christian’s Response

Posted: 28 October, 2008 in Visions
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Many have been said and done. New fears of a coming recession triggers another round of panic and uncertainity. The global markets around the world have been in acute financial diarrhoea served primarily by the unclean sub-prime circumstances in Wall Street.

Economic Crash - A Christian Response, card pyramid How did we got into such a mess? Two words: GREED and SELFISHNESS. The people at the top of these large financial institutions, the CEOs and executives, mostly have a very short few years to show the numbers. To get results and get maximum profits for their companies, they have resorted to selling unstable financial instruments based on unstable financial borrowing and loans, labelling them as SAFE DEPOSITS and exporting them worldwide. Upon selling them, they patted each others’ back and cruise off into the horizon with their multi-million pay package, leaving the play-card pyramids to the next player.

Sadly, when it all came down, what you don’t see very often in the news are people getting evicted from their homes, unlearned old folks who have deposited their entire retirement life savings into these pit-holes and lost everything they have ever work for their entire lives. There are real people who have lost their very means to get on with life because of people who wants the best of life and who don’t care about the carnage that follows. That’s really selfishness.

But how should Christian response in such times?

During financially challenging times, it’s so easy for us to forget who we’re putting our trust in. Are we trusting in Wall Street, or in the God who created it all?


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