Cruising In Life

Posted: 31 October, 2008 in Light Musings
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Cruising In Life, Sunset Cruise

There was a nice couple who was rather poor but very much wanted to go aboard a cruise ship they have heard so much about. So they decided to save every penny they can, hoping to get a pair of tickets on the cruise during their lifetime. But no matter how they saved, it never seems enough. Then one day, they received a letter informing them they had won a lucky draw that comes with a 2 weeks stay aboard the largest cruise liner in the world. All they needed to do was to reply to the letter. They happily did and received their tickets in the mailbox.

The day came when they boarded the cruise liner. Once they were onboard the massive ship, they were overjoyed and excited with the realisation of their dream and hope. As the luxurious liner cruise towards the ocean, the waves that normally pounded and rocked smaller boats seem useless against this juggernaut. The couple was having the time of their lives, or so they thought.

However when the meal times came, when all the passenges went to the large and beautifully orated dining rooms to feast on their gourmet meals, the couple would quietly sneaked back to their cabin. They would then open their luggage full of stale bread and canned soups, where they would gratefully yet sadly share. They often could smell the delicious food being served in the dining rooms, the laughter, the music and the sound of busy cutleries. They would see people filing out of the dining room happy, satisfied and glowing.

Although very much wanted to join them in the dining room, the couple knew that they cannot afford it. They would dreamed of the sumptuous meals the other guests had and literarily drooled in their sleep. They had turned down many invitations from other guests while pathetically sneaked back to their own cabin afterwards.

Nearly at the end of the trip, the captain of the ship noticed this couple and came up to them asking why they had never stepped into the dining room. Flushed with embarrassment, the couple replied that they don’t have enough money for dining and even their tickets came free, to the astonishment of the captain and the other crew. The captain then composing himself and explained: “Sir-madam, I think you have been terribly mistaken. All the meals onboard the ship are included, it came together with the tickets you have received. You can eat all you want, whatever and whenever you want on this ship. As our guest, you have the privilege of using anything, going anywhere and even requesting assistance from any of the crew, including myself. Haven’t you read properly the booklet that comes with the tickets? Just like the tickets, everything have been all paid for!”

Cruising In Life,

There are unfortunately many people like the nice couple are missing out on God’s best and privileges as His children because they didn’t realise that all the good things in life has already been paid for and given. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.  John 10:10   If we can receive a ticket that is set to cruise towards heaven from earth captained by our Lord Jesus Christ, what should our expectation of the journey be; to be properly fed and taken care of, to be starving from hunger or to be eating our own stale bread?

So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask him.  Matthew 7:11


  1. Jonie says:

    Great posts!
    Just added you to my blogroll!
    God bless you!

  2. ingrid77 says:

    thank you!! So inspiring and true. God bless you, Ingrid

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