The Cross of Christ, The Symbol

Posted: 6 November, 2008 in Ponderings
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The cross; a strange symbol indeed. You can see it often enough perched on top of a church, carved into a tombstone, engraved on a ring, hanging from a necklace, pasted on a door and many other creative places where it can be found.

Although the cross is the universal symbol of Christianity, it is an odd choice and an out-of-place sign, if you really think about it. Where else can you find a tool of toture that becomes and embody a movement of hope, faith and love. Never will anyone naturally associate the sign of (eternal) life with a tool of grumsome death. The other symbols of faiths are more “positive”; the six-pointed star of David, the crescent moon of Islam, the lotus flower of Hinduism, “yin-yang” of Taoism, the “radiance” of Buddhism, etc.


The cross of Christianity is in fact an instrument of execution; a long, painful and inhumane one at that. Would you want to wear a tiny symbol of a hangman’s rope or electric chair around your neck? Or hang a picture of a firing squad in your living room? Or mediate upon the death of someone from a guillotine? I think not. Then why is the cross the symbol of our faith? Can’t we find something more glamorous?

I believe the answer is no further than the cross itself. The design of the cross is simple; one short horizontal beam across and the other longer beam placed vertically. The horizontal one reaches out wide like God’s love. The other reaches far down from God’s holiness to sinful humans below.

The Cross of Christ, The Symbol, the cross

Someone once ask the Lord Jesus Christ how much He actually love His people. Jesus smiled; stretched our His arms and looked down then up. “This much!” and He died. Suspended in between the heaven and earth, at the center of the cross, there was where our Saviour died. At the center of the cross, God’s love and His holiness met; on the body of Jesus. A God who loved so much that He came down from heaven above. He Himself has no sin, but took our sin upon Himself, that we can become sinless and be acceptable into heaven instead.

For God made Christ, who never sinned, to be the offering for our sin, so that we could be made right with God through Christ.  2 Corinthians 5:21

I don’t know about you, but personally the cross is the most beautiful and meaningful symbol there ever can be.

  1. Derefaka David Direh says:

    I must say this is a nice one. I have never had it explained in this way before. All along the opinion that I have come accross and recently,are ones that see the cross as anbominable thing. Yes! in a way it is, but there in lies its beauty and indeed a constant reminder of the great sacrifice of Christ and also that If we actually tap into the benfit of this sacrifice by repenting from sin; then as He Himself, the savior of the word puts it:”it is finished.

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