What We Have

Posted: 28 November, 2008 in Visions
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It is easy to be caught up with our small circle lives; with what we have, our materialism, our self centeredness, our so-called “needs” that are actually a facade for pride, vanity and self-indulgence. In the midst of the economic turmoil and perplexity where we lament to God, maybe we need a broader perspective of life in this world.

While we continue our pursue of God’s blessings, we need to know how much blessed we already are. While there may be some losses, know that how much we have gained.

It would be nice if we show some well-deserved gratitude to the Lord.

  1. ransom33 says:


    You are so right!

    God bless you

    ransom33 @ http://www.ransom33.wordpress.com

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