1st Anniversary: Looking Back

Posted: 9 January, 2009 in Ponderings
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Looking Back, Way to Capernaum

It has been a year since the start of this blog and it has been an amazing journey. Looking back, I am humbled by the progress of this blog site and its viewership; that is you. I have never expected myself to write a blog or anything for that matter, for I am someone not very good in linguistic expressions, written or spoken (man of little words, they say); and I barely pass my English language back in school. My wife can tell you that I have never written her anything, not even a small card which she greatly desires. (I need very much to work on that)

My point is, I am never the writer type.

But I guess God had other plans. During my trip to the Promised Land-Israel, which was a life changing experience, I sensed somewhat like a calling. I walked where Jesus once walked, experienced what He once experienced, what He had went through; with all my senses, not imagination. The one that left in me the deepest impression was the empty tomb. Over there, my spirit was so touched by the vulnerable act of love by our Savior that He willingly laid down His very life for us, that we may live.

I wept hard.

The Holy Spirit then lovingly comforted and reassures me that He lives! It was a great anointing and I was overflowing from the Holy Spirit.  It would be selfish of me not to share all this new revelations.

At the Tabernacle of Moses, my eyes were opened to the truths even in the Old Testament. The entire Tabernacle spoke and pointed to Jesus the Messiah even thousands of years before he came. God’s plan for salvation is for Jesus to come to sacrifice Himself and to bring the world unto Him. This is not a last-minute haphazard planning, Father God had His grand plan hidden all over the Bible even in the OT since the beginning. Everything about Him is intentional.

Coming back home, still unknown to me, I simply just want to create a “photo-blog” to organise and maybe share my photographs taken, so I don’t have to repeat myself so many times with my friends sharing the experience. With that in mind, I signed up and started the blog but procrastinated thereafter. (Until now, most of my photographs still haven’t see the light of day)

1st Anniversary: Looking Back

In my procrastinations, I wasn’t so sure if I want to commit myself openly for the entire internet world to see. I wasn’t sure and was really helpless; I don’t know how to start or write. But within me there is a desire that is slowly getting stronger; I wanted the world to see the truth I am seeing, to experience the wonderful love I have, to share with anyone who bothers to read the amazing Good News I have for so long took for granted, to encourage fellow believers with the real truth that is of freedom-not one that is of bondage, to see the real beauty of our lovely Jesus Christ, to be another an alternative voice on the Internet, to be a little counter dispensing nuggets of blessing from the Holy Spirit for readers to bring with them,  to shine where I am called to shine in the midst of darkness, to help everyone bask in the out-pouring of peace, joy and unexplainable lightness. To introduce and re-introduce my Savior, my Redeemer and my God.

This blog is not about me. It is about the One who had set me free.

Jesus Christ, Yeshua the Messiah.

  1. Valentin says:

    Congratulations. 🙂

    How many clicks do you per day? Maybe you can give us some facts about your blog (how many post, comments, etc… )

  2. King David says:


    I guess the most rewarding part is that people are being encouraged by the messages and postings, especially by their occasional comments.

    By God’s grace the accounts of “Blessings” (listed along the sidebar) will grow.

  3. Hazel Jones says:


    Happy New Year!

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    If you are interested, kindly mail back at teamcasino[at]dcemail[dot]com, indicating the url of your blog for reference, and I’ll send you back pricing details, guidelines and processes. Looking forward to doing business with you.


    Hazel Jones

  4. King David says:

    Hi Hazel,

    I am sorry but I think your company’s interest is not in line with the intention of this blog. Thanks for the offer anyway.

    And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19


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