On the Way to the Cross

Posted: 17 April, 2009 in Visions
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Excerpt: Take a walk with Tommy and Eddie, The Skit Guys, as they follow Jesus on His journey that ended with the ultimate sacrifice and a very personal invitation.

This video came a little late for Resurrection Sunday but nevertheless meaningful on what Jesus did while on the way to the cross. His love, His compassion on people even knowing what is coming upon Him.

While the world celebrates Easter Sunday with a rabbit, we remember it is because of the resurrection of Jesus, that we live; a Resurrection Sunday!

Let’s shoot the bunny!shoot_da_bunny_

  1. Hungribunni says:

    Dun shoot me! I am a believer too!

    Lol. A young Christian (spiritually and age-wise… 14 I think) smsed me the other day to ask about the Easter bunny and egg- what are their significance and I told her how they tie in with pagan fertility rituals. She was flabbergasted.

    Whilst it is cute to see Easter eggs and pretty chocolate bunnies, it takes the spotlight away from the significance of Easter and the victory of Christ Jesus over death, over sin and over the devil when He resurrected on the 3rd day.

    Whilst it is cute, and fun for the kids to hunt for these pretty eggs and cute choc rabbits, I think it is important we explain the true meaning behind the celebration.

    We celebrate LIFE not Cadbury, we celebrate VICTORY not hard boil eggs. =D

    Good post. Cute wabbit! =)


  2. King David says:

    Most people think its harmless fun, but that’s the devil’s plot. Anyway on this day he lost at the cross.

    Everytime I see a bunny suit walking around on “easter”, I always have a great urge to kick hard at its butt and run off… (and I am quite sure I am older than 14)

    One day… maybe… 🙂 LOL

  3. Hungribunni says:


    Shhhh someone’s hunting wabbits on easter =D

    I know what you mean. I told my kid about easter rabbits being salah and Christmas not really being Jesus’s birthday at all, He was most likely born in October… etc His eyes were wide open but we had a good discussion about it. I am immensely thankful for my son who is wise beyond his years about such things.

    Anyway, I am feeling awfully sorry for Logical Christian and his unwanted guest – I believe it is one guy logging in as multiple personalities to slime his posts and his blog.

  4. Jimbo says:

    I agree. The bunny is cute, but kids need to have the real meaning behind easter first. I am a web master and my brother and I have created a safe place for christians to go and meet other christians. Let me know what you think.

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