Moving Into The Promised Land 1

Posted: 28 April, 2009 in Light Musings
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Moving Into The Promised Land 1, My Life in Boxes

I am sorry that I was not able to write  during this period of time. You see, God is moving us into our little Promised Land, quite literarily.

Instead of us wanting to contribute to build Him a house, He built us a house first. Moving to this new place I reckon, is very much like how the Israelites were moving out from Egypt into the Promised Land. The journey is exciting and amazing filled with the fingerprints of God but in our flesh it can be exhausting peppered with anxiety.

A walked out buyer, a plunge in sale price, a returned buyer, a sudden tramatic storm, a visit to the vet, two visits to the medical clinic, a stubborn fever that refuse to go away, swine flu on the news, an internet line that didn’t work, 2 weeks delay on the furnitures, duplicated keys that didn’t work, a persistent backache…

but He is faithful…

Moving Into The Promised Land 1


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