Amazing Grace, The Roman Coliseum

Posted: 5 June, 2009 in Light Musings, Songs and Music, Visions
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Simply breathtaking…

Colosseum & Christian Martyrs

The Christian Martyrs Last Prayer, Jean-Léon Gérôme (1883)

It is believed that the Roman Colosseum silently witnessed many early Christian martyrdoms. These early Christians were persecuted mainly due to the edicts of various roman emperors hugging their pagan gods. Many were tortured and sentenced to terrible deaths, some of which took place in the Colosseum. Thus, the Colosseum eventually became synonymous with the Christian martyrs who died in its bloody arena, a place of numerous Christian executions.

After watching this fantastic production, I cannot help but notice the stark ironic contrast. An ancient ruins with a history of sadistic violence, with its sands stained with terrible death and murder; but it was somehow transformed to a place of spectaculars with perfect production of lights, sounds and voices to bring about a beautiful song… an impeccable subject… of an amazing grace…

A strange reminiscence of our old lives and of the old rugged cross… but more importantly, the glorious hope and future when our Redeemer comes again…

Thank God its Friday
  1. Bob Williams says:

    Just absolutely one of the greatest renditions of Amazing Grace we have ever seen or heard. My wife wondered if she could buy a dvd of that performance and if so how much. Tnx Bob W.

  2. I felt the Spirit on me when I heard this. Glory to God!

  3. James Wight says:

    This is by far the best version I have ever heard. It is spiritually uplifting A true listining pleasure

  4. jacqueline Y. says:

    This was not actually performed in Rome, but at the Roman coliseum in Pula, Croatia.

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