I am born again… again…

Posted: 3 October, 2009 in Light Musings
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I was baptised in water today!

After 20 years, I am now a fully-water-immersed-water-baptised-water-Christian. I am a new creation, again… well, a newer creation… Hallelujah!

I am born again... again..., Baptism

Actually, I was baptised a long time ago. But my baptism was conducted only through the sprinkling of water due to the many old folks who were getting baptised as well. Sadly,  my (ex) church took the short-cut. Frankly, I was rather disappointed and felt very short-changed. When I read about how even Jesus went through the water fully immersed, I so desired the same thing within my spirit.

Well, God didn’t short-change me afterall. My wife whom was also baptised through sprinkling joined me today as we were water baptised and immersed together as one body. It was just awesome!  and still is. Pastor Mathews mentioned that this is the period of the Feast of Tabernacle; symbolizes the restoration process. God’s plan for mankind involves restoration. The Feast of Tabernacles symbolizes the restoration process, which will start with the return of Jesus Christ, pictured by the Feast of Trumpets, and the banishment of Satan, depicted by the Day of Atonement. Once these events have taken place, as represented by the previous Holy Days, the foundation is in place for the restoration of the creation to peace and harmony with God. What a beautiful picture of Jesus.

God has been showing me this verse many times over today:  Because I live, you will live also.   John 14:19

What a wonderful God we have…

Oh, just to let you know, I stayed kinda long underwater…

  1. april says:

    Hi there,
    I’ve been enjoying your writings quite some time. Well, i’d like to ask your opinion whether everone who were baptized through sprinkling should be re-baptized?

    Me myself have been baptized by sprinkling water, and considered my self baptized. But my present church demands to re-baptized me. I felt unpeacefull to deny my previous baptism, so i refused. I also felt that this whole re-baptize thing is a form of legalism, and thus doesn’t corresponds with the gospel of Grace.


  2. King David says:

    I will put My laws in their mind and write them on their hearts… Hebrews 8:10 I just did my daily devotional, and this came up; God’s timing again.

    With regards to your question, I think it is a very personal decision, from the inside out.

    Baptism is an outward act of faith that is a reflection of what is inside… That is, we died to ourselves and Christ now live in us, a representation of His death and resurrection. It is actual a very beautiful picture and outward act that we as Christ in one body. Just like a marrying couple putting a ring on each other, signifying the union; an outward demostration of their love inside. What is most important is not the act of putting the ring, but their love inside.

    Jesus Himself undergone the water immersed baptism; He wanted it! Deep down within me I personally desired it greatly also.

    So if you have decided that your first baptism is dear to you, then listen to your “little still voice”. Frankly, its between you and God on the inside. Who knows, the time may come when you want to rededicate your life to Him once again, and to be baptised again… That will be the time you will joyfully jump in…

    FYI, mine came 20 years later…

  3. april says:

    Hi, thanks for your answer.

    I will always listen to the “little still voice”, and i agree with you that this is between me and God. When i was baptized, i have already received Christ and knew the reason why i should be baptized. It just happened that my church conducted sprinkling baptism. Still, for me it was a beautiful moment with my saviour which i’d never forget.

    Unfortunately my present church still believes that we should be re-baptized in order to receive the blessings “wholly” from the Lord. I even met someone in my church who has gone trough water baptism 3 times. Each in different church, because those pastors she met seems to have different “rules” of how to conduct the immersion.


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