Aleph Tav – God Gave His Best

Posted: 22 July, 2010 in Ponderings
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During Old Testament times, the Burnt Offering was to provide for the atonement or reconciliation with God. The Burnt Offering was the only way sinful human beings can approach a holy and just God. God deliberately made a way for His people to be able to come reconciled and made acceptable to Him, see Leviticus 1:1-17.

 Aleph Tav - God's Gave His Best, Holy Cow-I Mean Bull-I Mean Steer!

It is interesting to note that for a person to secure atonement or reconciliation with God through the substitute sacrifice, the sacrifice has to be the very best that person can afford. The very rich needed an offering sacrifice of a male bull without defect. The average people offered the sacrifice of a male sheep or goat without defect. And the poor by offering the sacrifice of a dove or young pigeon. The sacrifice had to be the best one can afford, an unblemished and perfect speciment. In short, it must cost something!

The sacrifice was then killed and totally consumed by fire. This is a symbol that the sacrifice paid the full ransom to free the person offering from sin and death; the sacrifice bore the full punishment of God’s justice and judgment that was due to the sinner.

We now know the Burnt Offering is a foreshadow or prophetic pointer to Jesus Christ, a picture of Christ dying as the substitute sacrifice for us. At the cross, Jesus bore the full justice and judgment of God against sin—paid the ransom price to deliver us from sin and death. And Christ secured the atonement or reconciliation with God for us.

But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners. And since we have been made right in God’s sight by the blood of Christ, he will certainly save us from God’s condemnation.  Romans 5:8-9



Remember that Hebrew reads from right to left. The ancient Hebrew pictograph for the letter Aleph is an Ox head, meaning strength or God, as in “the Lord is my strength”. The pictograph for the letter Tav is two crossed sticks, meaning a mark or covenant.

Therefore, when Jesus says, “I am the Aleph and the Tav,” what He is saying is that He is the MARK of GOD, or God’s signature; on His Offering nevertheless.

Jesus is God’s very best, His only beloved Son. But only this time instead of the sinners giving the offering, it is God Himself who provided for the offering. And this very rich God gave His very best; the bull, the Red Heifer whom He greatly loved.

It costed Father God dearly.

In business contractual law, when repaying a debt, it is the signature of the payer is required on the repayment. When we see Jesus on the cross, we see He is the repayment; and we see God’s own signture on Him.

Know that you are so precious and priceless in God’s sight. He gave His very best, His beloved Son with His signature on; He paid everything; it costed Him all. That through His sacrifice, you can have eternal life in great blessings and an abundance.

  1. Peggy says:

    Aleph Tav —- Absolutely a wonderful perfect representation of God’s Love for us!

    How can I not be in awe of His Great love for me? God’s very best, His finest, all found in Christ upon His Finished Work for me.

    Thanks, Bro for this reminder. 😉

  2. King David says:

    How can we not be in awe of Him… 🙂

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