A Prayer For Deliverance and Restoration, My Shepherd

Posted: 8 September, 2010 in My psalms
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  Deliverance and Restoration, My Shepherd , Avon meadows

Thank You Lord, that You are a God of redemption and restoration. You are the Shepherd of my life, what more can I ever ask for! You rest me in the green meadow and walks with me behind the peaceful water streams.

Thank You that You are restoring my soul. Humble as I am, but yet I am so glad that I can still bring honour to Your Almighty name. Continue to lead me in Your paths of righteousness for Your glory so that I can become more like You. I pray You will continue to work deliverance in me and bring restoration to my life until I am complete-just as You created me to be.

With Your deliverance and restoration You have worked in my life, even though I walk through the darkest valley of death and condemnation, I have no fear for You are with me always. Your rod, Your staff – Your hands; strong and mighty but yet gentle, they protect me, they comfort me.

A Prayer For Deliverance and Restoration, My Shepherd

You set up a feast for me in the presence of my enemies and naysayers. You vindicate me in front of everyone! And You also honour me by annointing my head with oil. I don’t deserve any of these but still You overflow my cup, my being, over and over.

I know, surely, Your goodness and unfailing love will constantly accompany me all the days of my life. I will live in the house of the Lord through all eternity. What else can I ask for?

Thank You, Lord Jesus…

In Jesus’ name.



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