Posted: 26 May, 2011 in Light Musings
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The recent craze known as ‘planking‘ may have already claimed one fatality in Australia, but that is not stopping people from trying out the fad for themselves. It has gone viral globally with participants all around the world.

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Planking involves someone lying flat on their stomach with their arms against their bodies in unusual and sometimes dangerous situations, with photographs of their “adventure” shared through social media sites, to claim “glory”. And some people are are getting into the swing of things by lying on open roads, in front of traffic, on staircase landings, and even in between lift doors – all for that perfect amusing shot.

While I see pictures of dangerous stunts of planking, some are just plain hilarious.

It also reminds me of an extreme act done over 2,000 years ago of a very different kind. One that is not out of amusement of many but of purpose to save many. One that is not just playing dead but actually dying. One that is not pretending to be a plank but dying on 2 planks.

One “planking” for another; that we do not need to plank ever again…



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