A New Beginning

Posted: 31 December, 2011 in Ponderings

A New Beginning

Another year is passing…

Another new beginning…

Another chance…

Another Grace.

In the midst of the celebrations and noise; perhaps it’s the best time to reflect back the past year; the good, the not-so-good and maybe the bad. The ups and the downs, the joy and the sorrows. Whatever that had happened, one thing is common, there is always one denominator; it’s that the Lord is always there with us.  It maybe a loud reassurance or it maybe a slient presence but God was always there.

While everyone wants to drown out the year, we can in gratefulness look back and enjoy the lovely time of recollection. While everyone looks forward to start afresh in a new year, we can in all confident know that a new beginning with fresh grace pouring forth on us. While everyone is fearful and anxious for the new unknowns ahead, we can in new excitement look forward because we know our heavenly Father is ahead looking over us – I think He is equally excited to see how we thrive in the year ahead.

We are blessed because Jesus Christ paid for our debts, saving us from our sin.

He is actually our New Beginning, and our New Start.

Thank You Lord for a new beginning.

Have a blessed year ahead everyone!

  1. rebaxs says:

    So beautifully described, so inspiring and comforting!! Thank you and bless you!!

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