A Husband’s Prayer

Posted: 16 April, 2013 in My psalms
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A Husband’s Prayer

Dear Lord,

Help me to be the kind of husband you want me to be. Help me not to take my role as husband lightly or take my wife’s love for granted. Help me to be a good listener, giving my wife my full attention so that I will be well aware of her concerns, aspirations, and needs.

Help me to pay attention to the advice my wife gives me when she brings things to my attention that I may be doing wrong or that I could be doing better.  Help me to be more anxious to please my wife than to have my own way.  Help me to be aware of the things that I do that upset my dear wife – and enable me not to keep doing them – so that I will not be causing unnecessary problems in our relationship.

Help me to remember that I am commanded to love my wife as Christ loved the Church and gave His life for it and please help me to better understand what that means to me as a husband. Help me to treat my wife better than when we were first met and remind me of the importance of spending quality time alone with her and of doing things to remind her of how special she is to me. Help me not to jump to conclusions about my wife’s motives and enable me to think the best of her at all times.

Help me to apologize and set things straight when I complain, falsely accuse, act selfishly, or say unkind or provoking words. Help me to go out of my way to complement her and to encourage her. Help me to be a proper example of what a loving, considerate, caring, and self-sacrificing husband should be.

Help me to realize that it is my job to be an example of maturity and not an example of a disrespectful wisecracking school boy. Help me to be joyful in spite of my circumstances and help me to avoid whining and complaining when things do not go my way. Help me to admit my faults, to apologize when I am wrong, and to be anxious to heal wounds that I may have caused in my relationship to my wife.

Help me to realize that is far better to get my wife to do things I want her to do because she loves me and not because I threaten her or yell at her. Help me to never forget that You gave me my wife to be a helpmate and best friend and may I never think of her as an adversary or a hindrance. Help me to show my children how much I respect and love their mother by my actions and by the words out of my mouth.

Help me not to be afraid to be affectionate and loving towards my wife in front of my children so that they will know how to be good spouses when they grow up. Help me to properly discipline my children so they are not a burden or a grief to my wife. Help me to show my children that my wife is truly my very best friend and a highly trusted partner in the ministry of our family.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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