When I Need Greater Faith

Posted: 3 January, 2014 in My psalms
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Lord Jesus, help me to have greater faith in You and in Your ability to lead and guide me. Help me to make faith a daily walk and to learn to live by faith in all things, trusting You each day. Help me to keep hearing Your Word that my faith will remain strong, steadfast, and unwavering so that my actions will glorify You in the sight of others. I pray that every trial I go through will make my trust in You and my faith grow stronger and stronger. I trust You to do whatever is necessary to bring me to complete wholeness.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Faith is the assurance of things you have hoped for, the absolute conviction that there are realities you’ve never seen.   Hebrews 11:1

Faith begins as hope and indeed is unseen; so many doubt that it is real. What follows is the proof that faith is a reality that can be trusted.

  1. We forget that He is there for us always. Thank you for reminding me. Thank you for this beautiful prayer.

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