A man lamed and paralyzed for 38 years laid on his mat. He was bidding his time, awaiting his chance of healing by the pool of Bethesda; a pool of grace. But judging by the crowd of disabled – the invalids, all waiting at the 5 porches around the pool; it seemed more like a pool of disgrace; of the cursed.

It was said that if the pool started to move, the first person to enter the pool when the waters were stirred up would supposedly be cured and healed. That person will be restored, whole and complete again.

But, how does a lame move so quickly into the pool to be the first among so many. It seemed like a cruel joke. A joke that played out for the last 38 years. A joke that probably mocked him everyday.

His companion was the mat he laid on everyday; sadly, it was also a daily reminder of his failure, his incapacity, his weakness. Like an invisible straw chain that held him down to the dusty floor. He probably had forgotten how it was to feel like standing upright; to walk like a human being; instead of crawling like an animal. Ironically, the mat is the most familiar thing – closest to him, but also the reminder of his utter uselessness.

Like the lame man, you may have been defeated and stayed defeated for a long time. The world may condemned your life to be over with no future. You may be also bidding your time but things are seemingly hopeless. It is a daily struggle of pain and sadness. You know yourself that even your very best will not be good enough!

But Jesus Christ came; and He ask if you want to be made well. The law of the world says you cannot, but the grace of God say you can! He is willing; are you willing to let Him?

Jesus told him, “Stand up, pick up your mat, and walk!” John 5:8

Like the lame man, God wants you to now stand up from the dirt you are in. He is a God of Champions; more accurately – a God of turning losers into champions! You may been down but you are not meant to stay down. Christ’s healing will enable you not only to stand up but to pick up the very mat that used to dominate your old life you were snarled in; the life of failures, weakness and hopelessness. You will walk like any other God chosen, to a divine destiny He has for you. The very mat, a reminder of your curse and disgrace will be your very testimony of God’s grace in your life.


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