Jesus Washing Your Feet: A Confession of a Backslider

Posted: 27 June, 2014 in Ponderings
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Jesus Washing Your Feet: A Confession of a Backslider

Before the Passover celebration started, Jesus knew His time had come to go to the cross, where He would leave His beloved His disciples. Knowing God, the Father had given Him all the authority over everything, and that He came and would return to God in heaven; what did He do?  Jesus got up from the dinner table, took off His robe, wrapped a towel around and began washing the feet of the disciples with water, and drying them with His towel. See John 13:1-11.

Jesus replied, “Unless I wash you, you won’t belong to me.”…   “A person who has bathed all over does not need to wash, except for the feet, to be entirely clean.” John 13:8,10

I have backslidden rather severely during my youth. It was the attraction of the flesh, the curiosity of “the world is your oyster” and the lack of grounding in my spiritual walk that I fell away. Like the lost son, the world was “fun” for a while, but quickly lost its shine. Emptiness and frustrations flooded in fast and furious; man are not to live alone without God.  Fortunately, throughout that time, I never had any doubt about the divinity of Christ and His love. I knew on the inside, God the Father is still waiting for my return eagerly; regardless of my wild and godless living. However, even when I had enough; even when I wanted to return home – back to God, I still had a problem.

Jesus Washing Your Feet: A Confession of a Backslider

I wanted to sort myself out and right, before running home to the Father.  I wanted to clean up before embracing Christ again.  So sadly, to cut the long story short, I wondered out there for much longer and encountered many more disappointments; and all this while God still waited.

You see, I had taken the bath when I accepted Jesus Christ into my life and He washed my sins away, cleansed by His blood, once and for all time (Hebrews 10:10).  However, I wanted to wash my own feet myself, instead of letting Jesus wash my feet also.

When we walk on earth, we pick up dust, the essence of this fallen world; the condemned food of the serpent (Genesis 3:14). So, we need to have our feet washed often or daily by Jesus. To wash away the dust of this world; the frustrations, the negativity, the hatred, the angers, the failures, the doom, the gloom, the hopelessness, the lot; you get the picture.

And we replace our thoughts with His truths, His love for us, His goodness, His favour, His grace, His power, His sovereignty; by His gentle pampering and assurance – the drying of our feet with His towel.  And it’s not difficult. By having read this, you already had your feet washed and towel dried by Jesus Christ!


To this day, I am so glad to be back home again.




  1. JoyBender says:

    How wonderfully said! “Awake and shake off your dust…How beautiful are the feet of the messenger bringing the good news” (Isaiah 52). Thank you for your bold word (Revelation 12:11) and testimony (confession James 5:16)! We’ve never met, but I’m sure your feet are beautiful!
    Joining you in joyful unison (Isaiah 52:9)!

  2. JoyBender says:

    P.S. I forgot to tell you that several times over the past week or so, I’ve seen God’s footprint (yes only one) in the sky. 🙂

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