Jesus Christ’s Sacrifice Once for All

Not many people might know much about the bloody animal sacrifices done under the law of Moses. Not many people might know the real reason behind all the animal sacrifices; the killings  and the blood, that do not sit very well in the modern age.

But I have learnt that it is important for us to know the ancient background and reason, even from our current context. And this is my understanding of the biblical intention for all the animal sacrifices from Hebrews 10:1-12.

In the old Jewish law of Moses, the purpose of the law was only a shadow – a dim preview for the real good things to come. It was by no means the actual solution. The animal sacrifices under the law was done over and over again, simply because it cannot be provided a perfect state of sinless-ness and the permanent righteousness of the worshippers toward the holy Father God. If the law can provide even one good sacrifice, it would not have needed to be done over and over again, year after year. If the animal sacrifices have worked well, the worshippers would have had their sin, guilt and the consciousness of them, taken away once and for all.

Mitten and Juniper

Unfortunately, it did not happen. The reality was that the consciousness of sin and guilt remained, year after year. The blood of bulls and goats was not a permanent resolution, they were just a simple pointers to the real answer, that is Jesus Christ, the One who came into the world to give Himself as the very divine, one and final sacrifice for us all, the very Lamb of God!

God the Father, did not really want the animal sacrifices in the first place. This was because they didn’t work conclusively, and they were not supposed to work indefinitely.  Well, the animal sacrifices were simply not capable to. They were serving just as a pointer and as a way for us human to recognise and understand the form and mechanism in which His Son, who is the ultimate sacrifice, and how He can take away the sins of the world, once and for all, the very perfect and permanent Way.

Jesus Christ is the final answer. He cancelled the first Mosaic covenant and replaced it with the second, Himself! He is the final answer and solution the fall of Adam, by embodying the sins of the world by His own blood and ushers us the believers and into the holy presence of God the Father..

Jesus Christ’s Sacrifice Once for All

Under the Jewish law, every priest’s work is never done, as they minister day and night. The sacrifices are offered day after day, the believers are never really saved conclusively; until the next sacrifice, that is. But with our High Priest, Jesus Christ, when He offered himself to God as a single sacrifice for sins, good for all time. Then he sat down in the place of honour at God’s right hand. The sitting down speaks of the finished work of Christ, the work that is done once and for all. And never needed ever again.

We never had to be liable for our sins ever again. Never ever. That is the power of the blood of the Lamb of God!


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