Aleph Tav — Jesus’ Signature

Posted: 15 June, 2010 in Ponderings
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Aleph Tav — Jesus' Signature

Two Sundays ago, I saw a car bumper sticker with “Aleph Tav” characters on the back car bumper on my way to church.

It was so cool!!

Not many people recognizes Hebrew, much less knows the real meaning of Aleph Tav, the first letter and last letter of the Hebrew alphabet; In English, Aleph Tav would be like letter A and Z or Alpha and Omega in ancient Greek. (Hebrew read from right to left)

So what does Aleph Tav means or stands for?

Actually, Aleph Tav does not mean anything in particular in the ordinary sense. However, it was strangely peppered throughout the Bible. For ages during Old Testament times, people and even scholars were stumped and were clueless by presence of “Aleph Tav”.

For example, the very first verse in the Bible in Genesis 1.1, it is generally translated as: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. ” However, in the original Hebrew, it reads as:

Highlighted in the middle; when God was refered to, elohim et, aleph tav () was followed behind, and was untranslated. It simply cannot be translated because it is like AZ in the middle of the sentence. No translation will ever make any sense.

In another example, Zechariah’s prophecy on the future deliverance for Jerusalem; “Then I will pour out a spirit of grace and prayer on the family of David and on the people of Jerusalem. They will look on me whom they have pierced and mourn for him as for an only son. They will grieve bitterly for him as for a firstborn son who has died.   Zechariah 12:10   The me whom they have pierced, between me and whom, Aleph Tav appears. The verse then could be read as: “They will look on ME (Aleph Tav), whom they have pierced…”   Again, no translation of Aleph Tav will make sense.

But the light finally came on in New Testament times and the veil was finally removed.

In Revelation 1:8, “I am the Alpha and the Omega—the beginning and the end,” says the Lord God. “I am the one who is, who always was, and who is still to come—the Almighty One.” Lord God declared Himself to the the Alpha and the Omega-the beginning and the end. And in Revelation 22:13, the final chapter of the entire Bible, Jesus Christ Himself finally revealed that He is the Alpha and Omega!

“I am the Alpha and the Omega—the beginning and the end,” says the Lord God. “I am the one who is, who always was, and who is still to come—the Almighty One.”   Rev 22:13

I so love the “I am” Jesus referred Himself in the Bible.

While the book of Revelations may be written in Greek, Jesus probably spoke in Hebrew, which mean He probably said ” I am the Aleph and the Tav – the beginning and the end.” Jesus is the start and the finish of everything! Looking back it all now make sense now. In Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning God (Aleph Tav-Jesus Christ) created the heaven and the earth…”  In Zechariah 12:10, “They will look on me (Aleph Tav-Jesus Christ) whom they have pierced …

So whenever you see a Aleph Tav  in the Bible, it is the personal signature of Jesus Christ Himself! No one will and can ever use it because it simply cannot be used, only Jesus is big enough that can encompass the entire beginning and the end. So cool right! And since we know the very first verse in the Bible, you want to know the last verse?

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ (the Alepha and the Tav) be with you all. Amen. Revelation 22:21

 And grace means unmerit favor, blessings, granting goodwill, sanctification, kindness, mercy, love, willingness, cheerfully giving, etc. See here.


Dear beloved, if you are faced with whatever tough season or trouble, know that Jesus is the Aleph and the Tav, He is there with you at the beginning and the end. No weapons formed against you (us) will ever prevail, know why?

Because Jesus Christ our Lord has the final word!

But in that coming day
no weapon turned against you will succeed.
You will silence every voice
raised up to accuse you.
These benefits are enjoyed by the servants of the Lord;
their vindication will come from me.
I, the Lord, have spoken!    Isaiah 54:17




Oh… I got my own  for my car too… Woohoo!

If you want to know more Jesus related in Hebrew, there is a good site here.

  1. Paul Ellis says:

    Very, very cool! I love it!

  2. What a beautiful message and so full of truth! Thank you for that teaching. It was something I really needed to see at this time!

  3. King David says:

    Hopefully can put out part 2 soon. So much treasures in His Word.

  4. okoro says:

    dear people of God i love this open of heart in this teaching cos that has been my dream to know real truth of bible cos all this translations for me makes many faith to look as this is just a cooked story but thanks to almighty who rooted in the blood of jesus and open my eyes to know the true Q? is why dont bible be translated in it original words and put the names of lands which this events take place quoted with the new changed names the enemies of the gospel hat made them to be that christains will understand that bible is not ordinary story thanks

  5. King David says:

    God’s Word sometimes don’t make sense to unbelievers because it takes only the Holy Spirit to reveal.

    But when we search and the Holy Spirit reveals truth in simple passages right under our nose, it really blows us away with such revelation.

    Both you and I know, it can’t be just us!

    It is God’s privilege to conceal things and the king’s privilege to discover them. Proverbs 25:2

  6. Samson says:

    Wow… Beautiful.. Beautiful.. Thank you Brother!! 🙂

  7. ip camera says:

    Wow! This can be 1 of the top blogs I’ve actually arrive throughout on this subject. Merely Magnificent

  8. Yuppietalks says:

    I was looking for an article about Aleph Tav and stumbled on your blog.:) thanks I really like it. In one article, it also expounded how truth=emet (in Hebrew) contains Aleph-middle letter of Hebrew alphabet-Tav. So when Jesus said, I am the truth, He also mean I am Aleph Tav.:) Shalom.

  9. Jennifer says:

    Aleph Tav (et) is a Hebrew word used to indicate that something is a particular thing (something like the difference between using the article “a” and “the” – one is more general than the other). It means the noun to which it is applied is a very particular one.

    Aleph Mem Tav (emet) is the Hebrew word for “truth.” As you see, it uses the first letter of the aleph bet, the middle-most letter of the aleph bet, and the last letter of the aleph-bet in that order, showing not only that truth endures for all time, but also that to attain truth one must understand all of a matter from beginning, middle and end. When one drops the Tav/ending (leaving Aleph Mem “ami”) it is the word for “mother” or parent. It can also be used as the word for “if, suppose or whether” – it, in effect, describes something that is at the beginning of a matter but may not endure through the ending. If one drops the Aleph/beginning from the word “truth” one gets the word “mat” or “death” – which tells you how important beginnings are. If you drop the Mem/middle from truth you get the Aleph Tav (et) which is something special, particularly defined. I do believe the way it appears and is used in Genesis suggests that God is our beginning and our end.

    By the way, the Vuv Aleph Tav that appears later in the first sentence of Genesis is also an Aleph Tav. The Vuv added to a word means “and” as in “God created the Heaven AND the earth.

  10. noel says:

    Dear King David,
    I was googling to find the meaning of Aleph-Tav, i arrived here, i also enjoying your blog, in some of your article seem like i heard it from Pastor Joseph Prince sermon CD. Are you listening from the same resources? I feel blessing with Pastor Joseph Prince Preaching, I hope you too, I will visit a lot, highly favor!.

  11. wiseup85 says:

    Reblogged this on Searching For Wisdom and commented:
    Powerful stuff.

  12. Olivia says:

    It is not about Christ! It is about God, and about the cycle of the life!
    You may read the Kabbale!
    Aleph is the first letter of the Aleph Beit, without pronouciation, representing Yavhé, God, but also the beginning of the Life, the birth of a baby!
    Tav is the final letter of the Aleph Beit, the end but also the rebirth! You may read each signification of hebrew letters… 🙂
    The reading of hebrew is more complex! 😀

    • King David says:

      The Father and I are one.” John 10:30
      to Christ believing Christians, Christ IS GOD and God, the Father, is one with Christ!

      Aleph Tav is not some Jewish metaphysic or some mythical way… it is simply, in my humble opinion, the very person of Jesus Christ.

      “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me. If you had really known me, you would know who my Father is. John 14:6-7

  13. Bob says:

    The only thing I know from Hebrew grammar is that when aleph-tav is used as a word in a sentence it’s a particle that links the verb (action word of the sentence) with the nouns affected by that verb.

    “..God CREATED…” created what? “the Heavens and…” what else? “the Earth.”

    It translates out of “In the beginning God created aleph-tav heaven vav-aleph-tav (and + linking particle) earth.”
    When we say “from A to Z” we mean “everything”. So when someone refers to two separate letters not as a word–and it happens to be the first and last letter of an alphabet–they are talking about the idea of “completion.” I heard that from somewhere online, but I would have to verify that.

    So the grammar of “aleph-tav” as a particle word (that has a grammar purpose but can’t be translated into an English word) has nothing to do with the meaning of “aleph tav” as two separate letters in the same philosophical thought/saying.

    • Shawn says:

      In beginning, created, God, the Heaven and the Earth …is a literal translation. The words in Hebrew Heaven/Ha-Sham-eem and Earth/Ha-Arr-edz are prefixed with the Hebrew letter HEY which is what gives the ‘The’ in the English. There is no translation of ET (Aleph Tav).

  14. nicki says:

    I had strange dreams of these signs and kept seeing them every were!

  15. heli says:

    “Actually, Aleph Tav does not mean anything in particular in the ordinary sense”, true, it means just “you” (feminine singular), but really does not make any sence in the context! 🙂

  16. Daipo says:

    Dear King David,
    Thanks for this powerful stuff. I came across your site out of desire to know the use and meaning of Hebrew words in the bible. This desire came after listened to a number of messages by Pastor Prince. Keep on with the gospel of grace. Thanks.

  17. Greg says:

    Where can I get the Aleph – Tav bumper sticker ?

  18. Greg says:

    I will ask again, where can I get the Aleph – Tav bumper sticker ?

  19. Blaise says:

    Have you guys read book by Joseph Prince, I have forgotten its actually word but its cover had the Signature of Jesus on it.

  20. stefanie frankle says:

    Ancient Hebrew was a sacred language comprised of glyphs and numbers – God confused it at Babel & it remains so with the so called ‘sacred geometry’ which is no more than ‘lines of confusion’. The integer ‘zero’ was also invented at Babylon – a crafty way of having a ‘god’ come before the God of Israel . . .this same concept is the abomination of having the Bible written in Greek – the Greeks had many gods (demons) which ‘came before’ the God of Israel (alpha) and omega is the tragic ending of the Greek dramas that is the result of the perpetrators of this false global numeric system – like Jeroboam causing Israel to sin – thus it is with the global numeric paradigm – no solid foundation – only lines of confusion as seen in the false cube at Mecca, and hence, imminent collapse. The order of days are about to be challenged as to when God’s Sabbath is – a clue for you – the babylonian numeric system is based on 6 – as in 666

  21. tygon says:

    I love it because it also simply means I am “you” Love you all be well and enjoy song
    The Immense Window by Darshan Ambient shalom.

  22. i wish to sell a painting with jesus’s real signature on it

  23. haddassah says:

    Cool. Thanx. Love u Jesus.

  24. If you want to be blown away by what Aleph Tav means……. You will have to ask a Muslim….
    Let me know how you go 😉

    • King David says:

      I wonder what answer I will get…

      But frankly, suppose you are taught by Albert Einstein, will you be very concern with the info from a kid in the science club? No offence but that’s where I am. 🙂

  25. Meechie says:

    While your explanation on Aleph and Tav was interesting, all of your statements and conclusions are not true or accurate(ly defined), based upon the doctrine of the Spirit or the Word. But anything about this is sealed (hidden). “Aleph and Tav’ is not saying specifically “Jesus Christ”, and yet it is, (because you cannot divide the Father from the son and their bond is the Spirit) if you account that Christ is “Alpha and Omega”,(by his own admission) which comes (springs) from “Aleph and Tav”. However, “Aleph and Tav” is saying (many, many, many different things based upon it’s representation or wording, whether spiritually, numerically or morally, the diverse values and definitions all agree when the terms are defined individually and together) but on the surface it is saying,(regarding the Word of God) this is “The Truth of the beginning from God” as [‘T]” and became the “Grammatical Marker” [ ], and spoken of as “Aleph & Tav, and sometimes disguised as the definite direct article to confuse the theologians and scholars who could not interpret it. Yet, the spoken includes the Father, Son and Holy Spirit who is Elohim. It was first used after the word ‘God’ was first written. (translated Elohyim who represents the Godhead specifically now when (T)He(y are) is being made One in a Believer, but then the Presence, Power and Glory of God to be One in Mankind, Adam in the beginning. This is what Christ restores to us 1 by 1) Actually, the two words have not only double reference meanings (to the Father and son) but also represent duality, ‘the Word of God; logos and rhema, the two-edged sword. In short, “Aleph and Tav” is also identifying God as the God of Truth,(TAV) whereas Alpha and Omega is saying the son of the God of Truth. (wherever you see “Amen..Amen” together) This is the core of the scriptures in Isa.28:10,13 where it is written “Precept upon Precept’ (Aleph and Tav) and Precept upon Precept (Alpha and Omega) and ‘line upon line”(the hidden (numerical) order of entering into the Father’s Presence, 2-3-9…a ‘little here and a little there’,(glory to glory as it is written) meaning time spent receiving the Precepts of the Word, (God’s Acts through walking with Christ and he finishes your faith because it justifies your righteousness when you walked with him and did not sin – if you ever came back from prodigal) and afterwards time spent with the Father (the first is last, i.e. the Lord first being the Way to the Father’s Ways, and receiving the precepts of God’s Ways) through the son’ “rest”.(Matt.11:25-30.) [the son’s rest] mirrors Isa.28:9-13.{the Father’s ‘rest’ – where the word is used twice for both – the duplicity and duality} The words that represent letters (GM – = (‘T) – ) also have individual meaning(s) standing alone but also comes with individual number value(s) which augments the meaning of the words when the combined numbers and letters are used to mean something else other than what it appears to say. This is called the “Cipher” of the Grammatical Marker (Aleph Tav) of Scriptures, (far too elaborate to enunciate here) but the GM carries with it a “cipher” that is of the twofold aforementioned meaning in that it is of either by ‘transposition’ (the first is last) or ‘substitution’ (that which is added by the Spirit to match what is there) or both’,i.e. II Pet.1:10, which says ‘make your calling and election sure’. The transposition cipher came first here, in that, ‘election comes before calling”,(Rom.9:9-12) and like “Alpha and Omega”comes out of “Aleph and Tav”,i.e. the older serving the younger is the mark (hint) of the cipher being once written from right to left – and translated and read from left to right. So then, “election, (before birth) comes before Calling” (after birth). (Rom.8:28-30 – the transposition) where it is says “called according to His Purpose“ is meant to say ‘calling reveals purpose”. And then goes on to talk about “Predestination” (which is a precept of the Father and always in 3’s, i.e. Predestination,(also before birth) destiny (while we are leaving) and ‘finally’ our final destination (eternity after the millennium) This is the Precept of His Plan, Pattern and “Purpose” of God for Creation who is Amen, the beginning of the Creation of God, who is Christ, (Rev.3:14) he says I am the Amen, which is saying he represents the God of Truth who is called the Amen in Isa.65:16 (and cross reference from there – you will end up in “On”) which we understand is why the words “Amen and Amen” are used together when Jesus said to Nicodemus (Jn.3:3) “Amen, Amen says to you…” (the word for “truly” was not used here in the original) “Amen is Hayah” properly translated “I AM AMEN”. (you don’t get it, huh) The “cipher” also acts as a seal from the original language for the verse (or reading) to appear as if it is saying something that it is not, not to deceive but to hide ‘truth’ from the sinful who cannot see it anyway. All who do not know the Father through the son, it’s meaning (The Bible), is sealed from them, no matter who they are. (Isa.29:9-13. – learned or unlearned) However, individually “Aleph means the Beginning, and “Tav” means truth. (notwithstanding the numerical values and meanings) The two words literally mean (The ‘Hidden’ Truth from the Beginning of creation if you add re’shiyth) because after this (Gen.1:2) the earth is flooded – before Noah’s day. Relative to the “Precepts” – it is by the Lord (Immanuel) revealing the Father (Matt.11:27) – note the Spirit is not mentioned, and the GM (‘T) in the beginning was used the first time the word “God or Elohim” was mentioned to Moses from God, and it said “Elohim” who represents the Godhead, but when He is not ‘representing’ the Godhead He is “ELOAH” (The Potter = Patyr in grk.- look it up, and then the Lord became “Lord of the Sabbath” by a gift of the Father – “all dominion given to him”, and he (Christ) took “abba” out of the sabbath, and said Abba Patyr) Who is Ruach(possessing the Spirit of Wisdom,(Prov.8:22) who builds the house, who are the members, who are the banes, who are the sons – Prov.9:1) – where God says in Zech.4:6. “not by might (‘cipher’ for the Son) or power (‘cipher’ for the dunamis of the Holy Spirit) but by Ruach (this is how you get to God the Father – not Elohim^, who must be included. here the cipher is of substitution) Christ, “the Might” (Isa.11:2 – ‘different word used’ but is ‘substituted in Zech.4:6. you must acquire the might(son) in order to get the power(Holy Spirit) to get to Ruach. To make a real long story short, (that most won’t understand anyway, unless you know the Father) you can only know the true significance of “Aleph and Tav” from the Father, if you are chosen by the Lord who is the only one that can reveal the Father to you, who gives you His Precepts (Ps.119:1-176 in stanza’s of ‘8″ signifying the order of entering into His Presence by hidden numbers, i.e. ‘line upon line”, i.e. the Way,(called the gate) The Truth (Tav – called the Door) and the Life – called the veil (the Veil has not been removed UNLESS the Lord reveals the Father to you. The torn curtin represents ‘access” not the Presence, or Pawneem, but rather ‘at arm length, the ‘Paw-tsam’ of God) – and line upon line = 2-3-9. <the equation for the Spirit is 9 which equals the numerical value of the Grammatical Marker (it is the equation for Pi = 3:1 (3:1) means the Godhead in you! Made One. Relative to the son, it is The One who becomes a strong One and then becomes a nation,(of Royal Priest) i.e. the order of Milkietsedek, Christ) Demonstrating the threefold of entering into God’s Presence as a member of the house Wisdom builds with 7 pillars that are sevenfold. (may the Lord give you understanding) The Precepts contained in the hebrew alphabet (in Psalms) – “Aleph thru Tav” which reveal His Thoughts which are His Doctrine that is of the Spirit.(opposed to the precepts of the Word which is the letter of the law which is the word of God that can only inform you and kill you if you still remain in sin) reveals to you how God’s (s)election of you shows you how HE ALLOWED you escape the two edged sword, the word of God, the Letter of the Law. You escape through the “REST”. The “rest’ of the Lord is the rest (of) salvation, whereas the “REST” of the Father is the rest of the Spirit who rest upon all those who have the “Fear of the Lord”.(Isa.11:1,2) You cannot be sinful and know it. Also, be careful about ‘seeing’ the GM (Grammatical Marker–‘T (Aleph & Tav) as ) due to the fact that it is 2/3 of the time only meant as the definite direct article and not “Aleph and Tav”. This is where you must know the Precepts of the Father to recognize when the GM is being used or the DDA. Also, the other example you gave in Zech.12:10 is referring to an incident that will occur when the ‘AT-teek Yome (Ancient of Days) takes His seat and the Lamb (Christ) is presented which is saying the GM represents the Father first, and then the Son. (in Dan. And Rev.)

  26. Shawn says:

    It is worth knowing that Tav is a Hebrew word to mean: Mark, or Covenant. In the paleo pictographic Hebrew text, the Tav is in the shape of a Cross. Since the Aleph, in the paleo, is the outline of an Ox head; think of a Farmer blowing his field with an Ox, the Farmer keeps a straight and true line by going towards a Mark –at the other end. This is the amazing truth behind the Hebrew Aleph-Bet: each ‘letter’ forms part of the story detailing Gods plan of redemption.

  27. Shawn says:

    The modern Hebrew square-script is awesome, but you should take a look at Aleph Tav in the Paleo-pictographic Hebrew…. I think you’ll be amazed at what you see!

  28. david says:

    True Life In God and Poem of The Man God <<<<Worth a Read!!

  29. Shawn says:

    In the Hebrew text of the book of Ruth you can see an amazing thing.

    As the story goes, Ruth returns with Naomi, meets And marries Boaz –super concise.

    In the Hebrew text, Ruth’s name appears mormal (Chapter 1). When Ruth meets Boaz there is the Aleph Lamed in front o her name (Chapter 2). In Chapter 4, there is an Aleph Tav in front if Ruth’s name when she becomes married.
    Incedently. Ruth (Resh, Yod, Tav), spelled backwards gives you the word Torah –in Hebrew.

  30. John says:

    Another thing, the picture for aleph is an ox. The picture for tav is a cross. An ox and a cross. Jesus is the sacrificial ox on the cross!

  31. Meir says:

    I’m confused. Perhaps you can explain. But in the first verse of the Bible, it says, “In the Beginning, God Aleph Tav created the Heavens and Aleph Tav the Earth. The second to last word of that sentence is ואת, which means and Aleph Tav. So the last two words are and Aleph Tav the Earth. Can you please explain how this sentence, translated according to you, makes sense, “In the Beginning God, Jesus created the Heavens and Jesus the Earth?”

    • Shawn says:

      In the case of a VAV ALEPH TAV, it’s meant to indicate that something was done at the same-time simultaneously: killing two birds with one stone, for example.

    • cjon says:

      I don’t think the second Aleph Tav is something that is suppossed to be translated necessarily, but it has big imagery. Maybe my comment today below will help:).

  32. cjon says:

    Very cool!

    Isn’t it amazing in Genesis 1, there are seven words in that verse. The Aleph-Tav (Y’shua HaMashiyach) appears on the fourth word…and we know that He came in the 4000th year/4th day from creation.

    Then, we see the Aleph-Tav again in the sixth word…but this time there is an extra character, a character that looks a lot like a nail or stake. We know that Y’shua will return on the sixth day and they will look on those that they pierced.

    Also, look what words are on either side of the Aleph-Tav at the sixth word…it’s heaven and earth. In other words, the Aleph-Tav (Y’shua HaMashiyach) is the bridge (or ladder (Genesis 28:12)) between the two.

    Lasty, look who is to Elohim’s (God’s) right in Genesis 1. Elohim (God) is the third word in the verse and to Elohim’s right (or His right hand) is the Aleph-Tav (Y’shua HaMashiyach)!!

    Gives me goosebumps that Y’shua laid out the whole plan in the first seven words of the Bible!! He is completely in control.

  33. Deb says:

    I have a rock that us said to have the signature of Jesus on it. It is aleph tav. Are you interested in seeing it?

  34. Mark Churms says:

    Amen! Jeshua – The Word of Life, Manna of heaven, God’s Provision, the “what is it” the “I’m doing something New”, The First, The last, Beginning And The End, all revealed and yet hidden in plain sight (in just two Hebrew symbols that don’t really translate into an English word today) – Amazing!

  35. Rick Mantha says:

    God is so cool. The way he has it in things in the Bible is so awesome! It’s like the endless jigsaw puzzle that fits together so perfectly but that has no end. It will take more than a lifetime of study to uncover even a small portion of it. The deeper you dig the more Jewels you will find! God is so Awesome! The Bible says seek and you’ll find in Jeremiah 29:13. It says with all your heart. God made it so you can go as deep as you like depending and how deep you want to dig. How close do you want to be to him?

  36. Paula Mitchell says:

    This was so cool! I was studying the word “Truth” and began with the Hebrew word and it kept rolling from there and then found your study, I am so blown away! The Hebrew language is sooo deep in meaning! I wish I had someone to teach it to me. I just get nuggets here and there.

  37. dawsog says:

    There is no such thing as the Alpha Omega now will there ever be such a person. Jesus was actually Rabbi Yeshuah the Jew.
    The Aleph Tav has meaning to Israel and the Jews but the Greek nonsense was fabricated by the Christian Church. We dont believe it and never will. Obviously you do not know what the Hebrew version, AlephTav means. Good article otherwise

  38. dawsog says:

    There is no such thing as the Alpha Omega now will there ever be such a person. Jesus was actually Rabbi Yeshuah the Jew. The Aleph Tav has meaning to Israel and the Jews but the Greek nonsense was fabricated by the Christian Church. We dont believe it and never will. Obviously you do not know what the Hebrew version, AlephTav means. Good article otherwise

  39. Casey Brizendine says:

    Yahusha Mashiach is the Aleph Tav!

  40. MC Karis says:

    Saw the Aleph-Beth in psalms 119. The Word, He is the Aleph-Beth.

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