a simple conversation from God

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a simple conversation from God” God Series, super-condensing His Word and Truth, hopefully it will make the curious search deeper, and bring reassurance of His love to the family and body.

Our God is not distance, far and cold. He is not difficult to understand or fathom; in fact, He wants you to know Him. And He shows Him through His Son, Jesus Christ. He love you dearly and is actively involved in our lives, even with the little things.

A simple conversation from God (God Series) - I Gave

  1. emidorgacrago says:

    thanks much, brother

  2. sunny jacob says:

    I love you my DADDY. I trust You Daddy.

  3. rachel says:

    love your blog very much!

  4. sam says:


  5. Tobe says:

    Every reason for we to be faithful sons & daughters.

  6. yvonne says:


  7. Kuda says:

    I’am listening Father

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