More Than Enough – My God Shall Supply All My Needs!

Posted: 21 December, 2008 in Light Musings
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More Than Enough - My God Shall Supply All My Needs!, hero - more than enough

I don’t normally blog on Sundays but this is so good that I cannot not share with you.

In such times insecurities and needs, we kings and priests need to stand tall, in bold faith and trust to openly declare that our God, OUR GOD shall and will supply all our needs, I say again ALL OUR NEEDS, according to not the worldy riches , but HIS glorious riches (I don’t think we will ever understand that here on earth), according to our Lord Jesus Christ the Son of the very Almighty God, the Creator or heaven and earth!

Just to get some persepctive, the riches of the world didn’t get there by itself, it was created by God and people simply harvest them and make profits. If God created everything including all the riches in heaven and on earth, would He withhold them from us if He did not withhold His own very precious Son to redeem us?

He is more interested in your faith.

Your majesties, it is NOW!



  1. coni says:

    Please allow me to link this posting into my blog.
    thank you.

  2. mitchbolton says:

    hi. i’m the author of this image.

    just because an image is on the internet doesn’t mean that it’s free use for anyone. at times i don’t mind someone utilizing an image i made, but i always appreciate being asked for permission -before- the image is used.

  3. eric says:

    Hi mitchbolton,
    Is it okay if i use your image of more than enough as a poster?

  4. PeterMontee says:

    It is remarkable, very useful piece

  5. Rodney says:

    Typical Western image. Cookies. As if we need more cookies :).

    But yes… God does supply our needs.

  6. King David says:

    If you have nice pictures of Chinese Wantons, please send to me, OK?


  7. Faith C says:

    Poor Mitch all he got out of this was a pain in his side about some one using his picture they have eyes but donot see ears but cannot hear my mother died in my arms four weeks ago put funeral togeather to send her home she lived a long way from me many details to have her moved to her home town buried her on friday and on tuesday while getting ready to leave to go home husband had a massive stroke just got home with him 4 weeks later he lost his sight in one eye and cant speak or move right side left frontal lobe of brain is dead details and bills pilling up but was sitting here praising God thinking how He has blessed me in the midst of this current storm and writing a note to my sister how God would supply all of my needs acording to His riches and glory when I came upon this blog typed in the verse looking for the exact place in bible where it came from Thinking [acording to His riches and His glory ] thats a lot of wealth [ wealth for the hurt] [wealth for that lost feeling] [wealth of hope for healing] [wealth for the details ] wealth for the bills]
    and the ultimate wealth of knowing God our Father in the midst of the storm John 17 this is eternal life that they may know you Father thanks for the encouragement Faith C

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